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Mole Mapping is a painless, non-invasive procedure that acts as a surveillance programme, cataloguing and tracking your moles over time. This makes it possible to identify any changes in pre-existing or new moles which could potentially lead to skin cancer.

Mole Mapping provides a complete assessment of your moles, assisting in the early detection of skin cancer.  It is a non-invasive procedure that acts as a surveillance programme, to monitor your moles over time. This makes it possible to identify any changes in pre-existing or new moles which could potentially lead to skin cancer.  The process of mole mapping uses computerised digital dermoscopy to take images of your moles, providing a complete body mole map.

It is important to regularly check your skin for any signs of changes in your moles or to look out for new ones. Most people have some freckles, marks or moles on their skin and it can often be difficult to identify which are new or have changed. In addition, areas which are not easily visible, like your back, can be difficult to monitor.

Who should consider Mole Mapping?

Mole Mapping is a mole screening service for those who are concerned about skin cancer and melanoma, or who just want peace of mind and a thorough check of all moles.

Risk factors for developing skin cancer include sun exposure, sunbed use, family history of skin cancer and having lots of moles.

What are the advantages of Mole Mapping?

Mole Mapping is intended to diagnose skin cancer at the earliest possible stage, when treatment is most effective, some of the advantages to Mole Mapping include:

Your mole mapping history can be used to determine if a mole is new or has changed

Your appointment will be with a specialist skin cancer screening nurse and if necessary a Consultant Dermatologist

Mole Mapping is an effective screening and monitoring service

Preventable removal of harmless moles can be avoided

Reassurance and peace of mind

What does a Mole Mapping appointment involve?

Mole Mapping is an out-patient appointment offering up to an hour with a skin cancer screening specialist and includes:

A questionnaire about your sun and mole history

A full visual check of all skin lesions

Expert advice on skin care and sun awareness

Dermoscopic imaging of lesions that require further assessment

Written follow-up report

A follow-up system for re-check in 3-12 months

Prompt referral to a dermatologist or surgeon if required

4-Step Programme to Skin Cancer Management


A trained Specialist Nurse conducts an assessment to create a personal melanoma risk profile.


A full body visual skin assessment is carried out. Images of moles that meet specific criteria are taken, using Computerised Digital Dermoscopy. The images are analysed by both the specialist nurse and the Computerised Dermoscopy system. All images are stored for future reference.


A written report with specific, individual recommendations is then supplied to you.


A follow-up programme based on the personal melanoma risk profile and mole mapping consultation is then established to ensure regular follow-up consultations.

The Specialist Nurse also offers advice about on-going skin care, as well as providing further skin cancer information.

During your consultation

Personalised Melanoma Risk Profile

A personal melanoma risk profile includes details specific to your skin type, sun exposure history, sunbed use and any personal or family history of skin cancer.

Skin Assessment

A full and detailed visual examination of your skin is carried out from head to toe and any areas of concern or moles are highlighted.

Computerised Digital Skin Imaging

Computerised digital dermoscopy uses state-of-the-art technology to image any mole and magnify up to 70 times. Thus assisting in the early detection of melanoma and skin cancer. Sometimes, the beginnings of melanoma and skin cancer can be difficult to spot, particularly with the naked eye.

In addition, the dermoscopy system provides a "Mole Analyser" Your stored mole images are analysed using clinically approved pattern recognition algorithms. This provides an immediate second opinion. 

Personalised Report

CMC provides you with a personalised report, consisting of the results of your consultation and future recommendations. A referral letter is also available to take to your GP.

If required a consultation can be arranged with a Consultant Dermatologist for further management.

Call us on 0203 327 7777 for more information on our Mole Mapping Service


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